02 August 2011

Some important issues must be addressed

During each dose of chemo, the small group of foods that I was willing to eat changed radically. For instance, during my last dose, I had (I just love that I can refer to chemo in the past tense now!) an overwhelming desire for Trix. When my minions provided me with the magical cereal, I was nearly moved to tears by the atrocities floating in milk - the individual fruit shapes were replaced with two-color orbs! They were basically painted, and more sugary, Kix! With everything else going on, such disappointment was not welcome. But I ate something like two boxes anyway, out of spite. I showed them.

My dad left yesterday morning, so we went out to dinner on Sunday night to celebrate the end of chemo. I picked The Smokin Joint, a delicious barbecue restaurant at the corner of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Upon arrival, we faced a small sign that read "On Vacation! Back soon!" The papered-over windows and giant application for change in ownership notice slightly contradicted the "back soon" claim. How dare they be closed when I was finally out of the house to celebrate! The nerve! Well, at the very least, it explained how we found an empty meter directly in front of the restaurant.

Matt requested that I not explode, as it would be a waste of all the chemo that I just went through. I think he was just worried about it's affect on the leather upholstery. So he started suggesting nearby restaurants that were significantly more likely to be accepting customers. I settled for The Stinking Rose, a restaurant that I love, even when I have my heart set of barbecue. Woe was me, but I managed to eat an entire bowl of garlic soup.

Finally, I have some choice words for delivery companies. Various gifts have been arriving since we sent out the invitations. The boxes without any external warnings always arrive in perfect condition. The boxes marked "FRAGILE" all over always arrive sans the rhinoceros that sat upon it.

On that note, I leave you some xkcd yumminess: http://xkcd.com/931/


whomajigi said...
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whomajigi said...

Your spite is an inspiration to us all!

Also, I saw that xkcd the other day and thought of you and some family. It's frustratingly true and I hate it.

Oh! You Cook! said...

xkcd speaks true.

Anonymous said...

I still think of Trix as rainbow-colored Kix, because that's how they looked when we were kids. Actually, I remember when they introduced lime green! (You can tell I watched a lot of Saturday morning cartoons, where half the commercials were McDonald's or sugary cereal.)