29 July 2011

My arm hurts!

While not necessarily good news, it is certainly interesting. For one thing, it's my left arm, near my armpit, an area that lost feeling back in March when the surgeon took a melon baller to my lymph nodes. Then there is the amount of narcotics in my system. I'm still wearing a Fentanyl patch and taking regular Percocets, which makes me wonder if the pain is real or a figment of my imagination. And if it is real, is it a sign that feeling is finally returning to that area of my arm? Watch for the next armpit updates to find out!


Anonymous said...

I'll take this as a good, if painful, sign!

Anonymous said...

My dad's had a bunch of moles removed from his head, which is a pretty nerve-dense area, and says even years after he'll feel dull pains occasionally as clusters of damaged nerves repair themselves and come back online. I would definitely assume that that's what's happening here, and this is actually pretty quick work for your nerves :)

When are you coming back to work???


osmodion said...

"When are you coming back to work???"

I was hoping for Wednesday, but now it looks like it'll be later in the week. Blame the nausea.