06 November 2007

There's Klingons on the Starboard Bow!

The ISO 639 Language Code for Klingon is "tlh".

05 November 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's my current TIMELINE OF AWESOME:
Note: Matt and Zero are coming too.

1730 leave for airport
1800 actually leave for airport
1830 park and take shuttle to terminal
1900 airport security
2000 hang out in Admiral's Club (translation: free alcohol)
2300 takeoff (hopefully)

0500 land
0520 begin search for luggage and Daddy, take Zero outside to pee before he explodes
0600 find luggage and Daddy
0615 leave airport
0616 sleep in car
0715 sleep at home
1200 wake up, shower, change, and attempt to look presentable
1500 leave for grandparents in Chestnut Ridge for Thanksgiving dinner
1700 dinner
1830 ???

1100 leave for Borgata with Matt, Matthew Lippert, and Daddy
2000 arrive back home
2030 ???

1000 ???
1600 head into Manhattan
1700 ??? in Manhattan
2359 return home

1000 ???
1500 leave for airport
2100 arrive in California

Anyone who will be in town (New York or New Jersey) and wants to fill in a "???" should let me know.