30 September 2004

6 Cents Worth

So this is what it feels like to finally be motivated to do homework again. I almost miss not caring.

My new speakers came. Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia. I am quite pleased, ignoring the fact that I exercised restraint and actually go the 2.1 instead of the 5.1. Wow, Filter never sounded so awesome.

Jordan's been around for the past week, and I must admit it's been great seeing him again. My Tennis2k2 skills have atrophied since I last played with him (Dreamcast controllers != SegaSaturn controllers), but whatever. Now if only a certain Batcave attempt had been more successful. Perhaps if we actually bother to get drunk first instead of going to a zombie movie (not that there's anything wrong with going to a zombie movie), we'll actually make it.

Alex has been hanging his clothes in the bathroom on a bungee cord. For some reason this strikes me as being really cool looking, ignoring the fact that wet pajama pants are never cool looking.

Amy has stopped giving me weird looks! Hmmm.... perhaps that should worry me than the weird looks.... yay slumber parties!

And now for a random trip.

NOTE: There was something specific that I wanted to post about, but now I've completely forgotten. I blame vision homework.

24 September 2004


So apparently I'm cute when I'm a pyro.

I am no longer a little teapot, but I still am the goddess of tech support.

19 September 2004

Best Greeting Card Ever

The Potato of Doom!

I seemed to have killed gmail. Oops.

15 September 2004

Bad Idea (TM)

Due to Rosh Hashana, yesterday was the last day of classes of the week (for me). So around 1:30 am last night, when a sudden desire for cheesecake appeared, Toaster and I went down to Big Nicks. Mmm... blueberry cheesecake. Not the best cheesecake ever, but certainly quite good for 2am on a Tuesday. More importantly, it was highly amusing.

I'm absolutely dreading next week when I have to start doing real work and can no longer randomly do whatever I happen to feel like at the moment.

12 September 2004


Coffee hour was the best idea. Ever. On Thursday, Jamie came back at 4pm and immediately made coffee with Baileys and Kahlua. A new tradition was born.

Last night was great. Everybody came over, though people arrived and left at different points, keeping the number of people present at a manageable number. 2014 has been declared the party suite. I have absolutely no problem with this, as long as there aren't weird kinky orgies upstairs on Tuesdays.

I had good intentions of not drinking. That didn't happen. For some reason, I believe the trip to the liquor store (the 6th alcohol run since move in) might have had something to do with this. But we're not alcoholics. No, really.

Today was almost as good. Almost because for some ungodly reason, a URH drone decided that noon on a Sunday was a good time to install mirrors. Evil bastard. Luckily staying in bed until after 3 made up for this attrocity. And the wall scrolls. Four of them. Ah! My Goddess, Trigun, Chobits, and Naruto. Room decor is complete.

Yay amazingly incredible weekend of doing nothing useful! Now if only next weekend could be this fantastic.

09 September 2004

I Found a Zombie!

One week down, 13 more to go.

Prof. Kender of computer vision fame is a zombie! Aside from being amazingly awesome due to his undeadness, he's seems really cool (he uses boolean operators when writing on the board).

The EC toilet paper sucks so much. It should *not* require nearly this much effort to get a decent sized piece. Luckily there are so many things (new furniture and carpet, a/c, kitchen, lights that can be turned off...) that make up for it.


06 September 2004

Blue Monday

After bribing him with sugar cubes, Alex has agreed to be my pony! I absolutely love my suitemates.

Classes start tomorrow. Malibu rum tastes good.