06 November 2007

There's Klingons on the Starboard Bow!

The ISO 639 Language Code for Klingon is "tlh".

05 November 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's my current TIMELINE OF AWESOME:
Note: Matt and Zero are coming too.

1730 leave for airport
1800 actually leave for airport
1830 park and take shuttle to terminal
1900 airport security
2000 hang out in Admiral's Club (translation: free alcohol)
2300 takeoff (hopefully)

0500 land
0520 begin search for luggage and Daddy, take Zero outside to pee before he explodes
0600 find luggage and Daddy
0615 leave airport
0616 sleep in car
0715 sleep at home
1200 wake up, shower, change, and attempt to look presentable
1500 leave for grandparents in Chestnut Ridge for Thanksgiving dinner
1700 dinner
1830 ???

1100 leave for Borgata with Matt, Matthew Lippert, and Daddy
2000 arrive back home
2030 ???

1000 ???
1600 head into Manhattan
1700 ??? in Manhattan
2359 return home

1000 ???
1500 leave for airport
2100 arrive in California

Anyone who will be in town (New York or New Jersey) and wants to fill in a "???" should let me know.

23 October 2007

Fires That I Did NOT Cause

For those curious about my safety, none of the fires are anywhere near me. I can, however, see smoke (which made for an incredibly beautiful sunset last night) and some ash was drifting down in front of my garage this morning.

That is all.

04 October 2007


For the past couple of months, I've been ordering t-shirts from threadless.com, including this awesome one Amazon Addiction. Understanding this shirt key to the story. Trust me.

On Sunday, and yes, I realize that was four days ago, Matt and I went to the West Hollywood Bookfair. Overall, it was rather disappointing when compared to past years. That can be translated to mean that Neil Gaiman was not there this year. Wil Wheaton, better known as Wesley Crusher from TNG, was signing copies of TOS manga that he authored. Matt was infinitely more excited about this than, but I joined him for a 20 minute wait in the sun, watching my feet get sunburned. Wil, if I may call him that, seemed to have entered Borg signing mode. And then he saw my shirt. Not only had he ordered one in size large for himself, but he had also ordered one for his son. And then he admitted that he got one of the last ones in size large! Normally this wouldn't have been a big deal, but Matt had been trying to order the shirt in size large when it sold out. Wil was the evil bastard that got Matt's shirt!

Okay, okay, so he wasn't actually an evil bastard, and he didn't actually do anything wrong. But he did like my shirt. So there.

22 September 2007

Blood! Gore! Red bandages!

Zero's initial round of blood tests indicated that he's perfectly fine. However, since the blood was drawn about an hour and half after the "incident," he still has to go back tomorrow just in case. He's still acting like his normal hyperactive jumpy self, so I think he's fine. But, alas, back to the vet with him.

He has a cute red bandage on his front right leg that somehow has stayed on for two days despite his best efforts to chew it off.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Yom Kippur starvation (1 hour 28 minutes to go).

20 September 2007


I have a job at Sports Composite DE, Inc. as a Java Web Developer. I love my awesome job. I love my awesome 7 minute commute. I love how I come in early, before almost everyone else, at 10am.

I did NOT love spending the morning at the vet because Zero got into last night's leftovers and ate a ton of red onion. I'm sure he didn't love the vet performing a full inspection, inducing vomiting, and drawing blood for a full panel. And I'm sure he won't love going back on Sunday for a recheck, including a red blood cell count. For those that don't know, onions damage red blood cells in dogs and cats, which can lead to anemia depending on the amount eaten. YAY!

09 July 2007

Public Service Announcements

1) I have returned safe and sound from Las Vegas. I had ridiculously bad luck at poker, but destroyed the 777 slot machines I played for my birthday. Also, Wynn is great, short of the below announcement.

B) My beloved BlackBerry is gone. Either that, or invisible. Don't try calling it, since invisible phones don't ring. Neither do phones that have had their service shut off. Long story short, I left my phone on the bed, and the maid took it with the linens. I'm positive she didn't just steal it, since Matt's phone was on the table and she moved my jewelry (which I forgot to put in the safe) to clean the nightstand. I'm getting a new one today, either an 8300 or 8800.

For those that heard about Zero, he's doing much better so I picked him up from the vet last night. The final diagnosis was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Sadly, he still might have some "anal leakage" for the next couple of days. Tawny's still at the kennel* until this afternoon, probably wondering where Zero went.

*It's called a kennel, since dogs stay there overnight, but in reality it's basically a giant room where they let the dogs run around and play. There's also couches and slides and things of that nature, as well as a few stalls so the dogs can eat in peace.

30 May 2007

Hey, I'm a sheep!

Per the request of a professor, I now have a myspace page. If you would like to bask in it's mostly empty glory, http://myspace.com/osmodion will transport you.

Yahoo! 1, Me 0

As some of you might know, I've had a Yahoo mail account for years. Although it's original purpose was for sites that I didn't trust not to send metric assloads of spam (eBay, anyone?), it also served as an email address that would never change for various family members that never quite figured out the whole intarweb thing. I always kept a tab with Yahoo mail open, and generally checked it once a day. That is, until a week ago.

I had set up my account so I would only need to type in my password once every two weeks (it originally defaulted to 24 hours, if I remember correctly), so it seemed a little odd when I suddenly had to reverify my credentials twice on the same day. The second time, I was informed that since I had either 1) not accessed my account in four months or 2) requested that my account me deleted, my account was disabled and that every email had been deleted. WTF? I had certainly not deleted my account, and I had just logged in hours ago. Since then, I've been sending emails to Yahoo to find out what happened and if anything can be done to recover my lost email. Not one has been answered, though they have very helpfully encouraged me to upgrade to a paid account to prevent this problem from reoccurring during the reactivation process.

Now, I understand that it's a free account and that you get what you pay for, but that doesn't make me feel any better about the lost emails or their complete lack of a response. Additionally, since they kept pushing for me to get a paid account, I can't help but wonder if this was a ploy to get me to fork over $19.99. Regardless, Yahoo has officially lost me as a customer and will forever more have two fewer eyeballs to view their ads.

12 April 2007


Or, if you prefer, the original gigantic version: http://osmodion.net/zero/Zero%20smiling.jpg

22 February 2007

Contemplation of a Distro Change

Seaman's os needs to be reinstalled due to a harddrive change. I've been considering installing gentoo instead of slackware. Any (at least quasi-productive) thoughts and comments?