09 July 2007

Public Service Announcements

1) I have returned safe and sound from Las Vegas. I had ridiculously bad luck at poker, but destroyed the 777 slot machines I played for my birthday. Also, Wynn is great, short of the below announcement.

B) My beloved BlackBerry is gone. Either that, or invisible. Don't try calling it, since invisible phones don't ring. Neither do phones that have had their service shut off. Long story short, I left my phone on the bed, and the maid took it with the linens. I'm positive she didn't just steal it, since Matt's phone was on the table and she moved my jewelry (which I forgot to put in the safe) to clean the nightstand. I'm getting a new one today, either an 8300 or 8800.

For those that heard about Zero, he's doing much better so I picked him up from the vet last night. The final diagnosis was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Sadly, he still might have some "anal leakage" for the next couple of days. Tawny's still at the kennel* until this afternoon, probably wondering where Zero went.

*It's called a kennel, since dogs stay there overnight, but in reality it's basically a giant room where they let the dogs run around and play. There's also couches and slides and things of that nature, as well as a few stalls so the dogs can eat in peace.


farniks said...

what comes next in the sequence 1, B,...?

osmodion said...

Gamma. Sadly, Zero's health isn't a public service announcement, so it didn't get itemized.

pennyfore said...

Jessica Bruntel and I were USY reminiscing over livejournal. She told me to tell you to friend her (whomajigi), because she has pages upon pages of fun high school notes to share with you.