26 November 2004


Today a sauce packet confessed it's love for me.

25 November 2004

Enchanted Unicorns

So apparently I suck at the updating regularly thing. Or at least I do when I'm distracted. I'll just ignore the fact that distracted is my normal state of existence....

I managed to fry my switch this weekend. Despite being annoyed at not having a switch for 4 days, this turned out to be a great excuse to get a gigabit switch. I briefly considered wireless, until it occured to me that I have no computers that would benefit from this.

I've decided that Folding@Home is entirely too amusing. Damn you Stanford. Oh, and your admissions deadline is entirely too early.

Sigh. I might go work on crypto now. Or play Halo 2. Nevermind, I will go play Halo, then work on crypto tonight. When I'm less light-headed and dizzy. I hope.

07 November 2004


I am a delusion.

In other news, I am incredibly unpleased with crypto homework. Amy should stop skipping crypto so she can do the homework for me. Or something.

03 November 2004

Ohio == Evil

Anyone want to move to Canada with me?