18 December 2013

Bring on the drama!

After the family farce disaster that my previous post caused, I've been very hesitant to post another update without an actual diagnosis. But it's been three months and four specialists since this started, and still no one has any idea what's causing stupid neck syndrome*.

Dr. Oncologist ran out of ideas for which to test. Dr. EarNeckAndThroat ran a similarly thorough series of imaging and blood tests and came up empty. Dr. Lymphodema did a whole body lymphoscintigraphy and made the shocking discovery that my upper left arm has lymphodema. Considering the amount of surgery in that general area, it's actually doing rather well. But she doesn't want to subject me to any treatments stronger than a compression sleeve until the neck issue is straightened out.

About two weeks ago Dr. Rheumatologist received her invitation to the party. After her initial consultation, she prescribed naproxen to help alleviate the pain. Unlike Dr. ENT's steroids, the naproxen actually significantly helped with pain and didn't make me go crazy! I can turn my head to the right! My emotions are no longer limited to cranky and bitchy!

Sounds wonderful, right? Well, not quite. I can't just keep taking naproxen forever, so the actual cause of stupid neck syndrome must still be determined. With that in mind, Dr. Rheumatologist ordered me exsanguinated to the tune of seven vials.

Note to vampires: I do not have possession of these tasty, tasty carafes.

The results of whatever esoteric tests are being run this time are supposed to be in two days from now, on Friday. I won't hold my breath.

* Stupid neck syndrome is characterized by the elongated lymph nodes and the extended and hardened jugular on the right side of my neck, despite both my lymphatic and cardiovascular systems running smoothly.