27 August 2008

Public Service Announcement

I am going to a firearms training class on Saturday. It includes 1 hour of practice shooting.


04 August 2008

Hyper-X, Or How I Learned to Love Adam's Clubs and Swing Better

Necessary preface: I've been golfing! Matt's friend Adam has been teaching us.

Before going to the driving range yesterday, Adam wanted to go to Golfsmith and get a new driver. Matt wanted to get a whole new set of irons, having found a set of Pings that he was craving. I just wanted my first driver.

After some convincing, Matt realized that he needed more practice before considering better irons. A sand wedge, however, would be an excellent choice since his set didn't come with one. Adam liked the driver, but didn't like the price. I tried out three drivers that Adam picked out for me. From the first swing, I knew I wanted the third, a Callaway Hyper-X. Unfortunately, the register told us that it was a $300 driver. I left without it.

Later that day...

Adam offered to let me try his driver, since he knew I had been looking forward to swinging a driver. One minor detail - he's a lefty. Why should I let something silly like that stop me? So I teed up and went for it. And went it did. The issues that I'd been having - keeping my hind foot planted on the ground, bending my elbow like a crazy chicken golfer, swinging through my core - suddenly melted away. Okay, so I wasn't perfect. But I was a hell of a lot better and swinging more naturally. After further experimentation, Adam declared me to be a natural lefty golfer!

Eventually, we finished laughing, and I realized that I'll need to get new clubs. And I'm definitely getting the Hyper-X. When it goes on sale.

01 August 2008


Due to a looming production push, I haven't been getting out of the office much lately. Needless to say, I was in the office, on the ninth floor when things started shaking. The worst part? I was in using the bathroom at the time. Perfect timing as usual!

Now back to work :-(