23 May 2004


Becky poked me.

I'm going to get Gradius Galaxies tomorrow or Tuesday. Then I can play it on Wednesday. Yay!

19 May 2004


So apparently I haven't posted any new entries in a while. And it probably would have stayed that way if Phoebe hadn't just pointed this out.

I was supposed to spend the afternoon being useless in Sarah's parents' apartment. However, Quest Diagnostics had other ideas. They made me wait for over two hours just to pee in a cup so Lehman Brothers can have proof that, despite popular opinion, I am not on crack. Once I finally escaped, I barely had time to get pizza with Sarah before I had to make my way back down south. I didn't even have time to stop in the cookie store we passed (huge sugar cookies with sprinkles that were begging to be eaten).

Yesterday I finally got an A07. The cd tray is the width of the entire drive, instead of having the normal centimeter border. Because of this I had to remove the front cover of the computer case so the drive can open. It looks rather ridiculous like this, but the drive is NOT being taken back out.

Despite having put away all of my clothes and books, my room is still somehow a disaster area. At this point it's mostly cd cases and random computer parts. Maybe I'll get one of those cd tower things finally. I have more than enough cds to justify it, though I don't really want to exert the effort. I'm not going to consider the comic books to be part of the mess since they're all bagged and in boxes. If something's organized, its not part of the mess, right?

For three days, seaman resided on my dresser. I already knew that seaman was kind of noisy, but I no longer really notice it. I didn't realize that its also an excellent heater. My room was unbearably warm until I put seaman in the basement. The temperature suddenly dropped to humane levels.

I finally upgraded aim to 5.5. And the only reason was so Evan could send me some songs (Filter, who I've been listening to a lot recently). I wouldn't have bothered otherwise, but he was also able to provide me with a dead aim serial number. I'd been previously using aim+, but that doesn't work past version 4.8 of aim. [update: the serial number didn't work, so I went back to 4.8 after the files were transferred - I missed logging]

Now instead of working on something useful, I think I'll go downstairs. I'm thirsty and Leonard DiCaprio is fighting people (I'm a fan of fighting, not the actor).

08 May 2004

Wolverine II

Wow. Van Helsing was so horrible that it was amazing. This movie was a combination of every genre from vampires to Star Wars to cheesy romance that didn't take itself seriously. Most importantly, Van Helsing did Wolverine! There was even a quasi-zombie! I was incredibly pleased.

Before the movie, Brian was showing me the proper way to kick someone. Until Alex jumped him. And then Dayle insisted that we kill eachother after the movie.

Well, after the movie, skipping was required. Jamie refused to skip though - "Skipping is too faggy . . . I may sleep with other men on occassion, but I have to draw the line somewhere."

In more recent news, Jeansun no longer has arms. She requested that I amputate, but failed to mention which arm. I guessed wrong the first time. Oh well.

It seems I'm supposed to study now. Gah. Maybe someone will remove my arms instead. On second thought, I think I might prefer studying. Might.

07 May 2004


Tonight is the MAY MOVIE! Van Helsing! Starring Wolverine as an equally cool nonWolverine! And at midnight no less! Yay!

I'm seriously contemplating taking my keyboard apart. Various little pieces of dirt have fallen in over the past two years, and they are refusing to abandon their current home.

I think it's time to unpack my window fan so it's not quite as hot in here. Why did I have to put it behind the bookshelves? Sigh. Maybe Wolverine will get it out for me....

03 May 2004

db homework 5

As per Phoebe's request to post the answers in my livejournal:
1) a) there are no keys
b) how could it be lossless if all the letters are still there?
c) 3NF decomposition - IC ECR EAMIS YUM MY
d) yes

2) Our friend the db designer is nuts. He was completely wrong on
homework 1, he was completely wrong on the midterm, so why should
he suddenly know what he's doing?

3) java.lang.NullPointerException: No textbook found.

desk != bed

I installed firefox today. I hadn't installed any of mozilla's standalone browsets since phoenix, and I must admit, it has improved drastically. There are still some of the original problems that prevented me from switching though - problems with the download manager and lack of easy access to the cookie|password|popup managers. On the other side (literally, on the other side of the window), there is the search bar. You can install plugins for practically any search engine you want. For some reason, no one wrote one for oed.com, so I found it necessary to write my own plugin. Even as I get annoyed by the lack of other features, the search bar is still keeping me quite amused. For now at least.

Oh yeah, I managed to fall asleep on my desk last night. I don't recommend it.

02 May 2004

Théâtre de Film

On Friday night I went with my brother to see Mean Girls. The movie was actually reasonably funny, though it was obviously a toned-version of Heathers (one of the best movies ever). The movie is about a bunch of girls who are essentially idiot clones of eachother - they only pay attention to their hair, makeup, clothes, and who's dating who. Walking out of the theater, I was surrounded by that type of girl, avergae age 15. A couple of them were even talking about how they would never act like that as they checked their hair/makeup with little pocket mirrors. Even Marc (age 11) started laughing.

About 2/3 of the way into the movie, the was some problem in the projection room such that EVERY movie playing stopped. There were police and various other official-type people running around before the movie(s) started again. Apparently Loews didn't want a mob scene, so as everyone left the theater, they handed out free ticket passes. Yay, free movie!

Last night Brian convinced me and Amy to go to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Well, it wasn't so much convince that it was a good movie, but that we would be able to get there in time and that we shouldn't be doing db/ap. And the movie was good - I don't think there's really that much more you can say without spoiling some aspect.

Apparently you're not allowed to drink on the steps past 2:30am. When we got back, we stopped at Milano and decided to sit on those huge slabs with the lightposts in front of Low. The guards didn't say anything until 2:30, when they kicked everyone off of that section of the steps. They didn't even care that we were very obviously drinking.

I bought another box of donuts....