08 May 2004

Wolverine II

Wow. Van Helsing was so horrible that it was amazing. This movie was a combination of every genre from vampires to Star Wars to cheesy romance that didn't take itself seriously. Most importantly, Van Helsing did Wolverine! There was even a quasi-zombie! I was incredibly pleased.

Before the movie, Brian was showing me the proper way to kick someone. Until Alex jumped him. And then Dayle insisted that we kill eachother after the movie.

Well, after the movie, skipping was required. Jamie refused to skip though - "Skipping is too faggy . . . I may sleep with other men on occassion, but I have to draw the line somewhere."

In more recent news, Jeansun no longer has arms. She requested that I amputate, but failed to mention which arm. I guessed wrong the first time. Oh well.

It seems I'm supposed to study now. Gah. Maybe someone will remove my arms instead. On second thought, I think I might prefer studying. Might.


kimpire said...

I'll remove your arms if you like. But only if you promise to give me your donuts. You can't pick them up anymore, after all.

jeanslee said...

i am typing this using my sharp tongue.

(this took me appx 12 minutes btw)

osmodion said...

I'm glad I could help improve your typing :-)