03 May 2004

desk != bed

I installed firefox today. I hadn't installed any of mozilla's standalone browsets since phoenix, and I must admit, it has improved drastically. There are still some of the original problems that prevented me from switching though - problems with the download manager and lack of easy access to the cookie|password|popup managers. On the other side (literally, on the other side of the window), there is the search bar. You can install plugins for practically any search engine you want. For some reason, no one wrote one for oed.com, so I found it necessary to write my own plugin. Even as I get annoyed by the lack of other features, the search bar is still keeping me quite amused. For now at least.

Oh yeah, I managed to fall asleep on my desk last night. I don't recommend it.

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jenly said...

las night
i fell asleep on jeansun's floor