22 September 2007

Blood! Gore! Red bandages!

Zero's initial round of blood tests indicated that he's perfectly fine. However, since the blood was drawn about an hour and half after the "incident," he still has to go back tomorrow just in case. He's still acting like his normal hyperactive jumpy self, so I think he's fine. But, alas, back to the vet with him.

He has a cute red bandage on his front right leg that somehow has stayed on for two days despite his best efforts to chew it off.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Yom Kippur starvation (1 hour 28 minutes to go).

20 September 2007


I have a job at Sports Composite DE, Inc. as a Java Web Developer. I love my awesome job. I love my awesome 7 minute commute. I love how I come in early, before almost everyone else, at 10am.

I did NOT love spending the morning at the vet because Zero got into last night's leftovers and ate a ton of red onion. I'm sure he didn't love the vet performing a full inspection, inducing vomiting, and drawing blood for a full panel. And I'm sure he won't love going back on Sunday for a recheck, including a red blood cell count. For those that don't know, onions damage red blood cells in dogs and cats, which can lead to anemia depending on the amount eaten. YAY!