28 April 2004


For some reason I just ate a bowl of cereal. I'm not sure why, since I wasn't hungry. Considering that I haven't really been eating lately, I guess it's a good thing. I suppose it's an improvement over donuts.

There's a can of air on my desk, just begging to be played with. "Please, pull my trigger and let me expell my pressurized fun." Maybe I should put it where I can't see it if I plan on doing actual work.

Along the same lines, it was probably a bad idea to leave my switch facing me. So many colorful blinking leds under my bed. Pretty. Grrrrr.... pretty is a matlab command. I should be using matlab to do machine learning. Gah.

Maybe some zombies could cheer me up...

27 April 2004


7 left

26 April 2004

Impending Doom

Earlier today I was informed that my life was in jeopordy if I didn't update my livejournal. After some deliberations, I decided that I do in fact wish to live.

So now that my life seems to be momentarily safe, I suddenly have a lot of free time. Of course, I could start the db homework due next Monday. Along those same lines, I could throw myself out the window. Unfortunately, the same problem exists for ml, embedded, micro, and econometrics. I am completely useless at the moment. But I still have ten donuts left, so things can't be too bad.

Actually, some can be too bad. The curry in Carlton Lounge leaves behind fluorescent yellow sauce. The secret ingredient is either highlighter or ooze. I recommend that Jeansun eats some.

21 April 2004

Amy is stinky

guArdfanAtik: you have to be STINKY!!
osmodion77: nah
osmodion77: I am not stinky
guArdfanAtik: awwww ::pout::
guArdfanAtik: now i don't have a reason to use the word stinky
osmodion77: you could refer to yourself instead
guArdfanAtik: but it doesn't apply
guArdfanAtik: i am smelly and odiferous, but not stinky
guArdfanAtik: it's in my contract

16 April 2004

Oh yeah....

Forgot to mention:

I survived! I'm still alive! Yay!

Week over.

Full Metal Jacket

osmodion77: no
osmodion77: I'm refusing that order
osmodion77: on moral grounds
osmodion77: don't be retarded, we all know your mom is dead
osmodion77: that's because he was too fat - my arms didn't reach
SLW55: oh
SLW55: ok

I should join the army. It'd be fun.

13 April 2004

dinner = bread.pizza();

Pizza! With bread in it! And no matzoh! Yummmmm....

And now back to databases.

12 April 2004

Tentacle Porn

Well, Elliot has no taste in anime. He rented a few episodes from Netflicks based on someone who he can't remember's recommendation. The first "don't let children see this, if you are child watching, stop" warning should have indicated that something was wrong. The second warning, telling us that all the characters depicted are 19 and older definitely should have set off flags. However, we chose to ignore the warnings. And about 10 minutes later, a high school gymnast was discovering just what kind of tentacle monster her math teacher really was. It was entirely unnecessary.

Similarly, eating alfredo sauce from Ferris Booth is unnecessary. For some stupid reason I decided to get some again. Afrer all, I'd eaten it so many times without a problem, so that one instance must have been a fluke. I regretted that decision about 3 hours later when I didn't want to move. I just lied on my bed for awhile, wishing I could reach the tylenol. Glarg.

At the moment we're having a db party in my room. We includes Phoebe, Jeansun, Eddie the panther, Bob the origami crane with laser vision, and me. Unfortunately there's no more ice cream, and I'm probably going to fall asleep on the keyboard soon. But no sleep until this is done. Maybe Phoebe can kick me if I pass out. Then I might fall on the floor head-first, and get a concussion, which would earn me many extensions. Hmmmm... That's probably a bad idea, right?


10 April 2004


I have the hiccups.

Oh, and we went to the New York International Auto Show. So, um, who wants to loan me $300,000? I need a Maserati. It's vitally important.

Apparently cars can jump. All it takes is some hydraulics and too much time.

There weren't nearly enough zombies at the show. Ideally, a large public event would have many zombies running around, and perhaps even guarding various food-consumption areas. But alas, there were only three, two of which were just lying there rotting.

The perfect name has been determined: first name Gila, middle name Monster.

Microwaves work because of the little elves running around inside with heating irons.

The enD.

08 April 2004

And let there be light!

Apparently facilities was continuously telling people to replace the bulbs in every room on the 11th floor but mine. However, they finally found me, and I have light again. And now that both bulbs work instead of just one, it's significantly brighter than it's ever been.

As great as that is, I still want to poke out my eyes.

My microecon professor seems to like painting. Herself. Naked.

Maybe getting a new backpack will help me recover.

07 April 2004

Why URH Sucks

Wien in general isn't really that bad. In fact, there are some things about having a sink in my room that I really like. You know what else I like? I'll give you a hint - light. My bulb burned out on Thurday night at around 2am. A few phone calls to the hospitality desk and maintenance requests later, and I'm still living by the warm glow of my moniters. In another few days, I think I'm going to dismiss the no candles rule in favor of the "I'd like to have light" rule. And now I'm going to sleep. In the dark, I might add.

First Post

Okay, I couldn't help it. That had to be the subject of my first entry, mostly since I never get first post on slashdot (not that I've tried, but it still counts...).

So let's see....

1) Apparently Yaniv is Daniel's cousin (and vice versa), which I haven't quite gotten over yet. Hopefully driving ability is not genetic.

2) Sleep has been declared useful.

3) The Washington Monument and the spider are in cahoots. Also, the Washington Monument is a robot.

4) I did not lose to Darth Vader in the cusfs election. I wasn't worried or anything...

5) I miss bread (anyone else enjoying Passover?).