27 June 2004

Yogurt Power!

Yogurt covered peanuts are made using yogurt power.

Michael Jackson is the answer to almost every question in Trivial Pursuit. The only exception discovered today was when the answer was Lisa Marie Presley. A dog on rollerskates is also an acceptable guess, though it will never be correct.

Median and mode are not interchangable.

An Australian accent can overcome any other flaws a man might have. Jeansun and Phoebe can give an excellent example of this phenomenon.

And of course, when in doubt, bring your own toilet paper.


23 June 2004

Green and edible

I had Shrek-flavored ice cream! It was surprisingly good.

Why does Contraband have to come with copy protection? It figures - the first cd that I've actually thought about buying in a really long time, and it's filled with evil DRM. Damn you RCA.

19 June 2004

//import com.leh.ebanker.report.utils.*;

37 bottles of beer on the wall
37 bottles of beer
You take one down and pass it around
37 bottles of beer on the wall.

Amy and I never got to 36. This was probably due to our realization that if we kept singing the 63rd verse, eventually Brian would implode. It worked. And yes, we started singing from 99.

More importantly, I saw Batman today! And he came in driving the Batmobile! And he beat up Joker! And there were lots of explosions and fire! Yay Great Adventure!

I really need an mp3 player. My discman has been dead for over a year, and the commute would be much more pleasant with music. Or anything to drown out the yuppies on their cell phones.

In other news, I finally have work to do at Lehman. Granted it's mind-numbing, but at least I feel somewhat useful. Sort of.

Having spent much of the day skipping, I'm really tired. Good night.

15 June 2004

10ms is Entirely Too Long

War has been declared on the sprinkled zombies that intercepted my package of books from bn.com. Hopefully they surrender soon, as I really want to read those books.

A few weeks ago, Brian and I discovered a store in Times Square called Popcorn Indiana. Best popcorn EVER. And its kosher. Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means that Sarah and I are going to trek over during our lunch break. An hour and half lunch, with popcorn. Finally, a reason to get up in the morning.

And now to go to sleep at a quasi-reasonable hour.

11 June 2004

Haunted by Ghosts of Long Dead Cookies

Last night was release night for IBT at Lehman Brothers. We didn't have to show up until 3pm, which was a vast improvement over 9am. However, we did have to stay until 3am, at which point we called for towncars to drive us home (paid for by Lehman). I got the worst driver possible - he missed exit 123, so he proceeded to back up on the New Jersey Parkway despite my loud protests that we could just as easily take exit 117.

Chris (another intern from Columbia in IBT) and I didn't do anything useful, unless you count eating free food and using bandwidth. So I finished American Gods last night. It only took four days (I got the book last time I went to Barnes and Noble, but completely forgot about its existance/couldn't find it). I also played Gradius Galaxies for awhile. The managers and other programmers were equally bored (there's a ridiculous amount of downtime on release nights), so a few of them asked to borrow my GameBoy. Its really nice having so many people in their mid-twenties in the department.

The other interns have to go in today, but Julie (my manager) gave me the day off. Lehman declared today to be a holiday, unless you have pressing business, due to the market being closed. And who said the real world doesn't have three-day weekends?

Today's Amy's birthday, so I'm going into the city tonight anyway. Yesterday on the bus, a woman asked us our ages after guessing about 14. Well, Amy's now officially 22 and I'll be 21 in 26 days (not that I'm counting or anything). I think the fact that we were making faces at eachother had something to do with her guess. I hope.

Maybe the books will arrive tomorrow. I ended up getting The Dark Tower VI, Quicksilver, and For Kings and Planets.

What do I want to do about grad school? These questions and more, on the next edition of Zombies!

07 June 2004

Boredom Partially Alleviated

Proxy set up.

Admin rights obtained.

Unix account obtained.

Laptop can be taken home.


04 June 2004

Reading Material

A minimum of $25 is needed for free shipping. My current total is $24.98. Any suggestions for a good book?

Productivity Level

Considering how many sites/ports Lehman Brothers blocks (NYTimes crossword puzzle, aim, etc), I'm surprised that I was able to access this site. I guess "this site has a valid business justification." Shrug.

They didn't bother to block aim.com. I can log into aimexpress, but it doesn't seem to be working properly.

I haven't had much work to do since I got here. The first day was just getting accounts set up and meeting people. The next day was wishing all the accounts had actually been approved, with a little bit of actual work. Day three was cut short for a scavenger hunt, and of course, so we could be paid. Since what little work I had was finished yesterday morning, I haven't really done much of anything today (not including the latimes crossword - they forgot to block that one). Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take a break from my busy schedule for an afternoon out with the department. Community service cleaning up an uptown park, followed by dinner somewhere. So yeah, aside from waking up ridiculously early, it hasn't been bad at all.

I found an actual slashdot subscriber here, which made me feel quite a bit better about myself. Then again, I was the only one who got his joke about nigritude ultramarine....

Back to, um, work?