23 June 2004

Green and edible

I had Shrek-flavored ice cream! It was surprisingly good.

Why does Contraband have to come with copy protection? It figures - the first cd that I've actually thought about buying in a really long time, and it's filled with evil DRM. Damn you RCA.


slackwench said...

I'm not familiar with the band, but there's Contraband stuff available on the iTMS, and there are known ways to crack FairPlay, if you even care to — it's a pretty loose DRM license: you can authorize up to 5 machines to play music you bought, you can burn a particular track as many times as you want, although a single playlist can only be burned 10 times (just make a new playlist identical to the old one).

kimpire said...

Is that anything like my Shrek-flavored T-shirt?

Hugs from Israel!

osmodion said...

I've never seen that tshirt. However, it did bear a strong resemblance to the green popcorn at Lizza's party.

Yay Israel!