18 April 2006


Melissa is officially going to MIT next year => I am officially moving at the beginning of summer. She's going to be around until the end of August, but I'm aiming for moving out the end of June. Why? It's easier earlier in the summer, when there are more places available and it's not as hot. I plan on going home sometime in August. And, for some stupid reason, parking permits applications for UCLA are due the end of July.

I have already started looking around for possible roommates and places to live. Last summer I gave up and just got a place that didn't allow pets, but this time I'm going to make sure I get a place that allows me to get a dog.

Luckily, I don't have all that much stuff or furniture. My desk sucks - it is a quality desk, in theory, but I was never able to get the top drawer in. Not to mention the paint is all chipping off. It's getting thrown out and I'll just get a new one. It's not a big deal since the damn thing is so heavy in the first place that it'll have to be taken apart just to get it down the stairs. As for everything else, it'll all fit in the back of Nancy's Tahoe. It'll just take a day to move it all.

So. Fun. Yay. I get to get a dog. YAY!