27 February 2005

Well, we have a lean mini noodle dish.

I'm so glad that I don't have to do SLP homework. However, I am getting quite sick of having to listen to the same few wavs over and over again while someone else who is actually taking the class does his SLP homework.

My cell phone commited suicide today by jumping out of my pocket and falling ~2 feet to its doom. The outer case is chipped, which can be replaced, as is part of the hinge, which cannot be replaced. For added fun, it only turns on when plugged in. The charging icon now blinks in an odd manner, never indicating an increase in charge. As soon as I pull out the plug, it claims to be fully charged. Should I open the phone right after removing the plug, I can watch the battery indicator plummet from fully charged to "Low Battery" to "Emergency Use Only" before it turns off. Hopefully it is just the battery that's completely FUBARed. Either way, no cell phone for me for at least a couple days, until I can get over to an AT&T store (and actual one, not just a licensed retailer, or whatever they call themselves now).

Today I have been called weird 6 independent times. If I'm lucky, I can double that before midnight.

Poker has proven to be quite profitable. I'm well on my way to getting enough to cover my school ring (with real diamonds and 18k gold) and Tumi wallet (black leather with red leather interior).

Now to considering doing work sometime tonight on CAGD (isn't wonderful how inspired I am?)...

14 February 2005

The West End is Playboy's College Bar of the Mont...

The West End is Playboy's College Bar of the Month. The only thing that could be funnier is if it were The Abbey.

13 February 2005

CVS-quality Romance Novel

Amy and I spent dinner outlining the plot for a 6 page scifi romance novel we plan to write. The working title is Melvyn the Dragyn and the Quivering Llyghtsaber of Doom. The cover will feature Fabio riding Melvyn, which will undoubtedly make our novel wildly successful (on the off chance that Jedi sex scenes aren't enough).

09 February 2005

Warning: Not For Virgin Eyes

Linux swear counts: http://www.vidarholen.net/contents/wordcount/

04 February 2005

Dear Die-Ary, Today some friends came over.

Dear Die-Ary, Today some friends came over.

02 February 2005

Class Trip

My only two compsci classes this semester are 6000-level (graduate classes), 3D Photography and Computational Aspects of Geometric Design. The professor for CAGD works for Blue Sky Studios, the studio that made Robots. It wasn't so surprising when a class trip to see Robots was suggested. However, Prof Allen has also been talking about a class trip to see Robots, when it opens in March, due to its relevance to modeling. What are the odds of two 6000-level classes having a field trip to see the same children's movie?

Back to my ledgertastic fun...

February 2

Roasted groundhog for dinner tonight!

01 February 2005

I'm currrently sitting in Accounting and Finance,...

I'm currrently sitting in Accounting and Finance, which is always a thrilling 2 hours of reading period. After almost an hour of review from last Thursday's class, the professor finally decided to move on to something new - the structure of the income statement. We'll just ignore that the homework due at the beginning of last class included writing an income statement. Sigh.

I just submitted my application to Rutgers. Only two left, Columbia and USC, neither of which will require any significant effort on my part. At this point, I'm so pissed at the CS department here that Columbia has been reduced to a status below that of Rutgers (a safety school). Why are such amazingly simple applications taking me so long to submit? I'm yet to submit one more than a day before the deadline. I highly doubt this will have any negative affect, other than at the rolling admission schools, but still. Why am I so unmotivated about something that I'm so worried about?

Some time in the next few days I need to start thinking about the summer. This just occured (Oh look! He moved on to another slide! I didn't know it is possible to spend that much time on one slide with only two bullets.) to me a few days ago. I'm tempted to just do nothing and just spend the summer relaxing, but at the same time, it would be nice to have something to do so I don't get bored.

As much as I like my current icon, the png transparency just isn't working correctly, and it will be replaced as soon as I find an acceptable replacement.

On another note, my printer is possessed. An exorcism will be performed later tonight.