14 February 2005

The West End is Playboy's College Bar of the Mont...

The West End is Playboy's College Bar of the Month. The only thing that could be funnier is if it were The Abbey.


pennyfore said...

I wonder if that was before or after they closed it down. Or the reason why they closed it.

cagexxx said...

Whoa, West End is closed...?

I didn't like it much, probably for all of the reasons that make it a perfect college bar. =) Also, beer was the only cheap drink, and I don't drink beer.

But I did pick up a girl there once, freshman year (and, yes, took her home). I don't know what I was thinking, and I could barely believe I did it. My friends in Miami *didn't* believe I did it for a while.

If it could corrupt me like that, clearly The West End deserves some points! And it deserves to stay open forever.

pennyfore said...

I think it was temporary or something. Apparently cops discovered that they were selling drinks to minors. (Now why in heaven's name would they ever do that!)

Granted I'm getting all my information second-hand as I myself don't exactly go to Columbia anymore.