27 February 2005

Well, we have a lean mini noodle dish.

I'm so glad that I don't have to do SLP homework. However, I am getting quite sick of having to listen to the same few wavs over and over again while someone else who is actually taking the class does his SLP homework.

My cell phone commited suicide today by jumping out of my pocket and falling ~2 feet to its doom. The outer case is chipped, which can be replaced, as is part of the hinge, which cannot be replaced. For added fun, it only turns on when plugged in. The charging icon now blinks in an odd manner, never indicating an increase in charge. As soon as I pull out the plug, it claims to be fully charged. Should I open the phone right after removing the plug, I can watch the battery indicator plummet from fully charged to "Low Battery" to "Emergency Use Only" before it turns off. Hopefully it is just the battery that's completely FUBARed. Either way, no cell phone for me for at least a couple days, until I can get over to an AT&T store (and actual one, not just a licensed retailer, or whatever they call themselves now).

Today I have been called weird 6 independent times. If I'm lucky, I can double that before midnight.

Poker has proven to be quite profitable. I'm well on my way to getting enough to cover my school ring (with real diamonds and 18k gold) and Tumi wallet (black leather with red leather interior).

Now to considering doing work sometime tonight on CAGD (isn't wonderful how inspired I am?)...

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