23 October 2007

Fires That I Did NOT Cause

For those curious about my safety, none of the fires are anywhere near me. I can, however, see smoke (which made for an incredibly beautiful sunset last night) and some ash was drifting down in front of my garage this morning.

That is all.

04 October 2007


For the past couple of months, I've been ordering t-shirts from threadless.com, including this awesome one Amazon Addiction. Understanding this shirt key to the story. Trust me.

On Sunday, and yes, I realize that was four days ago, Matt and I went to the West Hollywood Bookfair. Overall, it was rather disappointing when compared to past years. That can be translated to mean that Neil Gaiman was not there this year. Wil Wheaton, better known as Wesley Crusher from TNG, was signing copies of TOS manga that he authored. Matt was infinitely more excited about this than, but I joined him for a 20 minute wait in the sun, watching my feet get sunburned. Wil, if I may call him that, seemed to have entered Borg signing mode. And then he saw my shirt. Not only had he ordered one in size large for himself, but he had also ordered one for his son. And then he admitted that he got one of the last ones in size large! Normally this wouldn't have been a big deal, but Matt had been trying to order the shirt in size large when it sold out. Wil was the evil bastard that got Matt's shirt!

Okay, okay, so he wasn't actually an evil bastard, and he didn't actually do anything wrong. But he did like my shirt. So there.