11 June 2004

Haunted by Ghosts of Long Dead Cookies

Last night was release night for IBT at Lehman Brothers. We didn't have to show up until 3pm, which was a vast improvement over 9am. However, we did have to stay until 3am, at which point we called for towncars to drive us home (paid for by Lehman). I got the worst driver possible - he missed exit 123, so he proceeded to back up on the New Jersey Parkway despite my loud protests that we could just as easily take exit 117.

Chris (another intern from Columbia in IBT) and I didn't do anything useful, unless you count eating free food and using bandwidth. So I finished American Gods last night. It only took four days (I got the book last time I went to Barnes and Noble, but completely forgot about its existance/couldn't find it). I also played Gradius Galaxies for awhile. The managers and other programmers were equally bored (there's a ridiculous amount of downtime on release nights), so a few of them asked to borrow my GameBoy. Its really nice having so many people in their mid-twenties in the department.

The other interns have to go in today, but Julie (my manager) gave me the day off. Lehman declared today to be a holiday, unless you have pressing business, due to the market being closed. And who said the real world doesn't have three-day weekends?

Today's Amy's birthday, so I'm going into the city tonight anyway. Yesterday on the bus, a woman asked us our ages after guessing about 14. Well, Amy's now officially 22 and I'll be 21 in 26 days (not that I'm counting or anything). I think the fact that we were making faces at eachother had something to do with her guess. I hope.

Maybe the books will arrive tomorrow. I ended up getting The Dark Tower VI, Quicksilver, and For Kings and Planets.

What do I want to do about grad school? These questions and more, on the next edition of Zombies!

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kimpire said...

Long dead cookies... oh... don't remind me...

*starts sobbing over oatmeal raisin cookies, which Entenmann's doesn't make anymore*