19 June 2004

//import com.leh.ebanker.report.utils.*;

37 bottles of beer on the wall
37 bottles of beer
You take one down and pass it around
37 bottles of beer on the wall.

Amy and I never got to 36. This was probably due to our realization that if we kept singing the 63rd verse, eventually Brian would implode. It worked. And yes, we started singing from 99.

More importantly, I saw Batman today! And he came in driving the Batmobile! And he beat up Joker! And there were lots of explosions and fire! Yay Great Adventure!

I really need an mp3 player. My discman has been dead for over a year, and the commute would be much more pleasant with music. Or anything to drown out the yuppies on their cell phones.

In other news, I finally have work to do at Lehman. Granted it's mind-numbing, but at least I feel somewhat useful. Sort of.

Having spent much of the day skipping, I'm really tired. Good night.


kimpire said...

Use a laptop for music. That's what I do.

reblaw7 said...

get an ipod, they rock :-D

slackwench said...

A agree. Nothing comes close.