27 April 2004


7 left


kimpire said...

If they're kosher, I call one

osmodion said...


slackwench said...

Krispy Kreme is having a deal right now. If you bring in a coupon and buy one dozen donuts, you get a second dozen for free.

Anonymous said...

I hold you at least partially responsible for the 5+ (not going to reveal the actual number because it is too horrifying) chocolate covered donuts that I ate within the past two days. After reading one of your away messages I was inspired to purchase a box of my own as a snack to keep me awake for database hw in the clic lab. I think i ate most of them between the hours of 3 and 8am. I really should have included a graph that illustrated the correlation between my chocolate consumption and the number of cache misses in the B+ tree. Clearly, they are closely related.

Ok- so now you can't yell at me for not having commented on your live journal! Ya for another way to procrastinate doing my oral report for Philosophy of Ed!

a presto, Phoebe

osmodion said...


jenly said...

phoebe, you're crazy

I ate all your donuts!
you and jeansun were like nibbling at them
as soon as you took a nibble out of one,
i finished it off in one bite
i think i had 5 or 6, so you can subtract 5 or 6 from however many you thought you ate.