05 November 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's my current TIMELINE OF AWESOME:
Note: Matt and Zero are coming too.

1730 leave for airport
1800 actually leave for airport
1830 park and take shuttle to terminal
1900 airport security
2000 hang out in Admiral's Club (translation: free alcohol)
2300 takeoff (hopefully)

0500 land
0520 begin search for luggage and Daddy, take Zero outside to pee before he explodes
0600 find luggage and Daddy
0615 leave airport
0616 sleep in car
0715 sleep at home
1200 wake up, shower, change, and attempt to look presentable
1500 leave for grandparents in Chestnut Ridge for Thanksgiving dinner
1700 dinner
1830 ???

1100 leave for Borgata with Matt, Matthew Lippert, and Daddy
2000 arrive back home
2030 ???

1000 ???
1600 head into Manhattan
1700 ??? in Manhattan
2359 return home

1000 ???
1500 leave for airport
2100 arrive in California

Anyone who will be in town (New York or New Jersey) and wants to fill in a "???" should let me know.


whomajigi said...

I totally would but I'm like...70th tier in terms of importance. :P

dreamerj25 said...

I'd like to fill in a ??? !!

For my own reference: You're going to Manhattan on Sat at 4pm local time & leaving for airport at 3pm local time. Damn this military time thing!! :(

osmodion said...

Don't be silly, you're only 43rd tier.

Seriously though, I'd love to hang out with you at some point over the weekend. Pick a ???!

dreamerj25 said...

So did we say lunch on Saturday before you go to the City? Maybe a long lunch since it's been quite a while since we last saw each other!

whomajigi said...

43rd? Awesome. I've been promoted!

I live in Parsippany these days. What day will you be somewhere around there?

How about either the Saturday 10 for brunch or something or the Sunday one?

And of course let the 42nd tier people get first dibs. :)

mephistakitten said...

Maybe we could meet up with some of the college gang on one of the ???'s on the Saturday?

osmodion said...

Hmm... Parsippany. You just want to make life more complicated by living somewhere inconvenient.

Sunday might be family day, and dreamerj25 already claimed Saturday for lunch. Maybe we can meet up in Manhattan?

osmodion said...

Yep, lunch it is. Maybe make it brunch, so I can pretend to still be on PST.

osmodion said...

Yes! That's half the reason we'll be in Manhattan, but I haven't heard anything about others being in town and available.

Side note: wow do I miss the city. Los Angeles isn't a real city, it's just a squished suburb.

whomajigi said...

How dare I live in a nice place. Such nerve! I'd drive to you mind you.

I'm not comfortable driving in the city but I'll be there on Thursday for Thanksgiving with family. Unfortunately it looks like that day doesn't work.

Alas. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Curse you for getting my hopes up!

cbreakr said...

You're going on a trip with Lippert?

osmodion said...

Just a day trip to Atlantic City, unless his brother's football team has a playoff game that day.

dreamerj25 said...

Hey there. What time & where are we meeting tomorrow? :)

osmodion said...

My housen 11am? I'm not sure if I'll have a car, so that's safest.

My cell is still 732 310 2868.

dreamerj25 said...

Perfect. I'll be there at 11. Mine's 732-865-2584 :)