12 September 2004


Coffee hour was the best idea. Ever. On Thursday, Jamie came back at 4pm and immediately made coffee with Baileys and Kahlua. A new tradition was born.

Last night was great. Everybody came over, though people arrived and left at different points, keeping the number of people present at a manageable number. 2014 has been declared the party suite. I have absolutely no problem with this, as long as there aren't weird kinky orgies upstairs on Tuesdays.

I had good intentions of not drinking. That didn't happen. For some reason, I believe the trip to the liquor store (the 6th alcohol run since move in) might have had something to do with this. But we're not alcoholics. No, really.

Today was almost as good. Almost because for some ungodly reason, a URH drone decided that noon on a Sunday was a good time to install mirrors. Evil bastard. Luckily staying in bed until after 3 made up for this attrocity. And the wall scrolls. Four of them. Ah! My Goddess, Trigun, Chobits, and Naruto. Room decor is complete.

Yay amazingly incredible weekend of doing nothing useful! Now if only next weekend could be this fantastic.


kimpire said...

Drinking is evil. Except on Thursdays.

nightstalker said...

But orgies upstairs are fine everyday but Tuesday.

osmodion said...

Last night we counted. On day 10, 52 beer bottles and 4 hard liquor bottles. Not to mention the 3 or so almost empty bottles in the fridge. I think we're off to a good start.

And no one who saw it will ever forget the blue hair.

skarfin said...

can somebody say "100 bottles of beer on the wall?" (i'll give you until next week)

doesn't it look like we're studying so hard?

osmodion said...

"look" is the key word