30 September 2004

6 Cents Worth

So this is what it feels like to finally be motivated to do homework again. I almost miss not caring.

My new speakers came. Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia. I am quite pleased, ignoring the fact that I exercised restraint and actually go the 2.1 instead of the 5.1. Wow, Filter never sounded so awesome.

Jordan's been around for the past week, and I must admit it's been great seeing him again. My Tennis2k2 skills have atrophied since I last played with him (Dreamcast controllers != SegaSaturn controllers), but whatever. Now if only a certain Batcave attempt had been more successful. Perhaps if we actually bother to get drunk first instead of going to a zombie movie (not that there's anything wrong with going to a zombie movie), we'll actually make it.

Alex has been hanging his clothes in the bathroom on a bungee cord. For some reason this strikes me as being really cool looking, ignoring the fact that wet pajama pants are never cool looking.

Amy has stopped giving me weird looks! Hmmm.... perhaps that should worry me than the weird looks.... yay slumber parties!

And now for a random trip.

NOTE: There was something specific that I wanted to post about, but now I've completely forgotten. I blame vision homework.


mephistakitten said...

Hey, *I* was at batcave. =P All night, all alone. And it was a lot of fun (would have been more fun with people though). I think yon show was better than any movie could have been, but then I think I'm turning into a hopeless fangirl...

They played the Mortal Kombat theme. Jordan should have been there dancing. =P

I'm thinking about going all-out on speakers for this living room, as it is likey I'm going to be here for years. And it's essentially soundproof... and man, full surround sound installed on the walls would rock. Heheh.

slackwench said...

Boston acoustics makes nice stuff. I believe their low end starts around $1000 a set. Bose is overrated, but still pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Motivation to do homework is a good thing. I recently found that myself. Strange how that works.

Yay zombie movies. Especially hilariously stupid ones.

Wet pajamas are NEVER cool. No matter what. No exceptions.

Amy stopped giving you weird looks?? How did that happen? That must violate some law of the universe or something. I think it should worry you...universe destruction again?

Yay slumber parties! Even during the school week. But I wouldn't know anything about that... Not a thing...

I'd blame !Vision. Personally, you should blame, um, the slumber parties. They keep you up too late. Especially during the week. Hopefully, the new found motivation will help in that regard. But I tend to think not.

Have you configured Samba lately??