15 September 2004

Bad Idea (TM)

Due to Rosh Hashana, yesterday was the last day of classes of the week (for me). So around 1:30 am last night, when a sudden desire for cheesecake appeared, Toaster and I went down to Big Nicks. Mmm... blueberry cheesecake. Not the best cheesecake ever, but certainly quite good for 2am on a Tuesday. More importantly, it was highly amusing.

I'm absolutely dreading next week when I have to start doing real work and can no longer randomly do whatever I happen to feel like at the moment.


alexsirkman said...

Big Nicks....isnt that around 77th?

osmodion said...


skarfin said...

"Bad Idea (TM)" -- the TM up top is there because the author has respect for ideas which are so amazingly bad that they're actually pretty good, and if you are not a member of , I highly encourage you to become one.

kimpire said...

The best cheesecake is my mom's. If you have not had my mom's cheesecake, you have not had cheesecake.

...I think I've said this already.