10 July 2011

A short list of things I forgot

Since there isn't enough room on the internet for the full list, I was forced to whittle it down to the most important items.

My brother, Ian, took care of me for round three, and he did a magnificent job. He watered all sixteen thousand plants, walked Zero, and, wait for it, cleaned up my puke! On two separate occasions! All this despite my mom calling daily to make sure he hadn't killed me yet.

Skarfin stopped by at some point, even though I was too ill to acknowledge, much less appreciate, his presence at the time. All I really remember from his visit is hearing him chew loudly, two rooms away, over the television.

My brain is growing accustomed to the happy pills known as Percocet. There are significantly fewer hallucinations, and when they do occur, I usually realize that they aren't real.

Zero seems to know that there is something wrong with my legs. When I do allow him in bed or on the couch, he knows to avoid them. This may have something to do with my screaming should he forget this.

Speaking of Zero, the pictures from Take Your Dog to Work Day were mildly disappointing. Since he was willing the chicken strip into his tummy the entire time, he had the same facial expression in every picture. Oh well.

And last, but not least, Bridesmaid Black Mamba sent me a unicorn puzzle. The pieces are largish, which is a good thing as my brain can't handle the small ones right now. Yay unicorns!


sugarandice said...
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sugarandice said...

Hooray for unicorns, Bridesmaid Black Mamba, Skarfin, Ian, teaching dogs new tricks, and ... hooray for Sharon remembering things! That's better than I can do! ;-)

arfbool said...

I only remember drinking a glass of water. But chewing loudly over the television, sure why not?