17 August 2011

I left the house!

I spent the weekend having fun, being social, and acting like a normal person. Or at least a normal person lacking hair. But I didn't let that stop me, though a lack of energy was always ready to step in and knock me down.

Saturday brought Loretta, paint, and twenty-five welcome baskets. The combination of the three resulted in four hours of silliness, with a lunch break provided by Matt. And, yet, we both agreed that it was somehow relaxing to be painting outside, under the trees. Zero also enjoyed his relaxing afternoon in the sun, except when he pretended to guard us from a squirrel.

While I have pictures of our messy victory, I have decided not to share so those receiving the baskets can still be surprised. My decision had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the pictures are all on Loretta's phone.

On Sunday, I got even farther from my front door! Matt and I had lunch with my cousin, followed by mall exploration. We spent the time catching up and talking about her sister's wedding, which I had missed. I also made two high quality purchases.

Yes, that is a Storm Trooper spatula, from Spatula City. I mean Williams Sonoma. How could I not buy such a perfect kitchen utensil? And what is that next to it? Well, that's what happens when Matt buys a Swiss Army golf tool in a knife store and fails to prevent me from looking at all the shiny, pointy objects. This model happens to be called "Shrimp", and it is also available in lavender. But pink seemed so much more appropriate. What will I use it for? I'll just let you ponder that question.

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whomajigi said...

You got my hopes SO high up for Spatula City. And then dashed them. Well played.