09 August 2011

Cancerland doesn't suck as much as it used to

Admittedly, I've been more than a little celebratory over the end of chemo, despite the ever present nausea. Of course, this Thursday is my first dose of only Herceptin. I'm slightly nervous about it, but, really, how bad can it possibly be compared to the Taxotere? It's not supposed to cause a week's worth of bed-ridden death, nausea, or further hair loss. Of course, the Taxotere wasn't supposed to cause an allergic reaction and keep me home from work for two weeks at a time. So you can see why I'm a bit skeptical when Dr. Oncologist says that the Herceptin is hardly noticeable. And since I still have eight months worth of Herceptin in front of me, I really hope she's right about the side effects.

In other news from side effects land, my hair is doing a remarkable job of regaining its former glory. Well, remarkable when compared to other chemo patients. The back of my head and behind my ears has a noticeable amount of hair, the longest of which are approaching the one centimeter mark. Sadly, the front and top of my head is more in the one millimeter range. In other words, I won't be needing a hair cut any time soon. But at least it is growing.

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