21 August 2011


Dear Mr. Mathew Waypost

The <name of hoa, incorrectly spelled> Home Association should assessed the late charges in amount of $20.00 for late payment your monthly due.

Please make the payment of monthly fee $385.00 plus $20.00 late charges, and drop your check in <unit number>.

Thank you.
<name of hoa, correctly spelled>.

So, should we acknowledge this validity of this missive, or should we refuse to pay on the theory that it's Mathew Waypost's bill, whoever he might be?

1 comment:

arfbool said...

wow for the first several seconds I was I was struggling to find the error and then was satisfied when I discovered a paucity of t's in Mathew. I then went on to the post about the gum and then returned to this one for a second laugh only to be blown away by that wayward 'p'. Awesome. Good to know that HOA's on both coasts are equally incompetent.