23 February 2009

Recession => Desperate Stores

Last Wednesday I got a call for a same-day interview, leaving me with exactly 3 hours to come up with business attire. I didn't have the suggested suit, so I made due with dress pants and a button-down shirt. At the same time, Matt discovered that his suit pants walked away and would not be able to attend his USC interview.

After some poking around on the internet, Matt decided the solution would be found at Brooks Brothers. Apparently MBA students are expected to dress nicely for many occasions, and personal appearance is important. And off we went.

It was pretty much guaranteed that Matt would not be leaving without a suit, especially after he discovered the best fitting jacket of his life. I intended to poke around, but my current lack of employment means that it isn't exactly prudent to spend gobs of money to remedy the situation. Of course, I had no idea how willing the clerks would be to give away the clothes.

By the end of it, if we each bought a suit, it was 15% off everything, free alterations, free leather date book, plus some other discounts. Matt's suit was originally going to be about $1000 (he hasn't even started classes yet, and grad school is already obscenely expensive). Mine would have been another $800. And that's before alterations. Matt needed minimal changes, but I intended to keep the tailor busy for quite some time. With tax, we left for less than $1500. Obscene, no?

Next stop, see if we can steal a tv for the bedroom.

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Anonymous said...

There's a 19" in the family room that you can take back with you if you wish.