24 February 2009

More Thievery

As predicted, a tv was stolen. In the we paid a much lower price than we should have sense.


C'est magnifique, n'est pas? Best Buy currently has it on sale for $799, which is a good price to begin with (a few places are currently having the same promotion, but most of them are sold out). I found one in the open box pile that was marked down to $719. The Jew/lawyer in me just couldn't accept the opening offer, so I offered a nearby sales clerk $650. She looked at me, looked at the box, and said she'd go ask her manager. When she returned with him and asked, he nearly broke out in laughter. He offered $699. I countered at $697, but he wouldn't budge. Fine then. Deal!

To put this in perspective, Costco is currently selling the non-XBR version for $699.

And then Matt held up a video game that he wanted. The manager looked like he was going to cry just at the thought of having to walk all the way across the store and back to get the damn game. I took that as an opportunity to go sneaking around the dvd section. I found exactly what I was looking for and declared it to be mine. Being in no place to object to a $9 Doctor Who dvd, he succumbed to the power of the TARDIS.

For those who think I have no semblance of patience, let this be a lesson to you. Since we moved the bedroom tv into the atrium, I have wanted to get a replacement for the bedroom. I waited for over ONE YEAR. That's more than twelve months, or forever in Sharon-time. We waited for a great deal, and then waited some more, and then realized this weekend that there is no better time than now. So there. I HAVE PATIENCE!

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