20 February 2009

Finally, A Site That Makes Monster Looks Like Cold Lemonade on a Hot Summer Day

The sun is out, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, so I win.

Since getting my resume in front of as many employers as possible is my ultimate goal, posting it on every job site is a must. Aside from being incredibly repetitive, this task is easily accomplished on most sites. CareerBuilder.com is NOT one of those sites. The idiots in charge seem to have forgotten that without job seekers, their site will shrivel and die a horrible death. Instead of the typical ads atop or beside the page, CareerBuilder likes to use mind tricks. On pages with forms, such as entering personal information or job experience, forms for online schools, namely University of Phoenix, are slipped in. Many of the fields are prefilled from existing data that you provide and the main submit buttons include sending the info to these schools. These have to be actively avoided, unless you want to begin training for your new career in health services, making up to $32000 your first year!

Seeing an entire page devoted to this drivel upon account creation was bad enough, but constantly bombarding users with this crap every time they apply for a job or update their resume is just not cool. Autofilling these forms and leaving the employer requested fields blank when applying for a job is borderline malicious. And the last straw. I no longer have any compucture to use their hostile website, and I have to recommend avoiding the mental abuse they inflict, if you can.


momdgp said...

Winning is everything ...

pennyfore said...

I hate CareerBuilder (save for that awesome commercial during the Super Bowl). Even though I've changed my address like three times since I moved from Poughkeepsie, for some reason they keep sending me ads for jobs upstate. And 95% of them have NOTHING to do with my areas of expertise, or else they're those recruiting scams. They suck.