11 February 2009

Monster is Run By People Who Watch The IT Crowd

Being unemployed, I have plenty of time to do silly things. Such as continuously update my profile and resume on every job site in the galaxy (I'm only willing to relocate up to a point). Today I decided to add interests/hobbies and education on monster.com. Not sure how I missed education. Anyway, monster likes to give helpful suggestions as you type. Here are the most perplexing:

golf - baseball
mets - cat acrobatics/firing range
video games - biology
economics - acupuncture/astrology


farniks said...

it was Roy. I have no idea why we couldn't remember that.

dreamerj25 said...

Wowzers. That's pretty entertaining!!

momdgp said...

Have you tried http://www.indeed.com/ yet for job-hunting?