08 June 2011

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Both of my parents arrived today. Daddy will only be here through Monday, while Mom will be staying through the end of next week, as it's her turn to play nursemaid. As nice as it to see various family members, I can't help but notice that lately, every time one of them arrives, I promptly fall quite ill and remain miserable and in pain for the next week and a half. There is only one logical conclusion: they are the cause of all my ailments.

As a side note, today I am exactly halfway through the six rounds of agony, not including the year of Herceptin I am doomed to endure.

As another side note, my hair has already started growing back, though there wasn't enough time for much progress. However, during round three, the little stubs of hair that remained after Mr. Wigmaker was done practically rained down from my head. A million tiny little hairs dripping down my shirt, each one a giant itch. Not wanting to endure such itchiness while unable to move, I recruited Matt to shave my head. As happy as I was to have my hair returning, I had to admit that it was transitory. And so it was duly removed.


photonsrain said...

It's starting to grow back! Huzzah! In three months you can let it grow!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I was glad your hair was growing back but I guess it would be itchy, so it makes sense you'd want it gone before you go back in for more chemo. At least you know it has the will to pull through and keep growing. I was talking to my sisters tonight about what crap our hair is, and telling them that your hair is so cooperative and eager to please, all being in wigs and trying to grow and such, and they both agreed with me that our hair just wouldn't even bother to grow back after chemo. It'd just be like, "Meh, I didn't even like being long, that's why I'd always break off all the time. You are poor at taking hints if you didn't get that I was being crummy hair on purpose." It's really lucky you don't have an adversarial relationship with your hair.

Also, WOO! You're through 2/3rds of your chemo treatments now, right?

I meant to send you a status check today but I didn't because I'm dumb, and now I don't want to cause I assume you're all asleep over there. I will for sure txt you tomorrow.


osmodion said...

I hadn't really thought about it like that, but you are completely right. I am lucky my hair is being so cooperative under these circumstances. Finally, something went right!