17 June 2011

The intartubes are moving! Run (to the new url)!

I have been using livejournal since forever. In fact, my old username, sbp2001, was created back in the days when livejournal required a form of payment in order to create an account. However, livejournal has stagnated over the years and I am thoroughly sick of it. For the record, my main complaints are:

  • The incredibly annoying full-page video ads that fail to load and like to crash browsers. I don't mind tactful advertising, especially for a free service, but this is beyond painful.
  • Absolutely no improvement in image posting. The integration with photobucket from years ago looked like it was going to be awesome, but then they never went anywhere with it.
  • Only just now is there a usable method of posting from my phone, but forget about posting pictures without serious pain.
I finally decided it was time to move to my own spiffy domain that has been lying dormant for years. Dormant like a dragon! So without further, I hereby present:

Update your bookmarks! Fix your RSS feeds! Refresh your Google Reader! Send me cookies!

I made the decision to move to Blogger awhile ago, and not just because I'm a good corporate minion. However, due to certain cancer-like tumors, my plans were thwarted. But then Matt swooped in and saved me from my pile of blogdoom! He took care of all the importing and exporting and setting up and whatever else he did while my brain swam in a pile of narcotic clouds. Thank you oh great master of the intartubes!

It is now up to me to make it conform to my specifications of pretty. Since I haven't finished yet, I have designated my new location "The Sheriff's New Adventures... in Beta Space!" Expect numerous superficial changes in the near future.

This post, as with other posts in the near future, will be posted to both locations. However, comments will only be allowed at the new site. And since people keep asking me for some reason, comments are always welcome. Unless you are a spambot. Spambots can go <something anatomically impossible>.


Matthew Waymost said...

Yes! I finally have a title worthy of my person!

Anonymous said...

Matt totally deserves that title, and I am dutifully commenting here!