18 June 2011


Along with every other birthday this year, I completely missed Zero's. At least he was also completely unaware that we were supposed to be celebrating, so he didn't complain audibly about the lack of hamburgers. And he certainly didn't complain when we remedied the situation today with a trip to In-n-Out.

Zero inhaled a double with his usual lack of chewing, then assumed his GIVE ME MORE FRIES YOU HUMANS assault. Unable to resist, Matt and I alternated fry feeding duty. Then Matt decided to try an experiment. Fry? CHOMP. Fry? CHOMP. Fry with ketchup? CHO-what? The mutt actually paused, teeth about to close around the fry, then backed away to sniff. And then he didn't eat the fry!

The next fry did not have ketchup, which Zero paused to confirm. At least he is still willing to eat French fries. And eat he did, until he was fully sated.

We briefly considered evicting Zero from the family due his ketchup aversion, but my mom pointed out that I wasn't put up for adoption after admitting to not liking chocolate. A valid, if not inconvenient, point. I guess he can stay.


Anonymous said...

delightful food

sugarandice said...

1) Zero's too cute to evict from the family.
2) I don't like ketchup either, but you've all let me remain in the family. ;)