27 June 2011

I also do work, on occasion

During round four, Matt came home with two packs of InAnimate Stickers. Gee, what on earth could *I* do with these? It's not like I constantly anthropomorphize or tag everything with a reasonably flat surface. His only request was that I not plaster everything in the house. So I took them to work to share with the equally easily amused masses.

For those of you wondering, yes, that is a blue Android, post-makeover.

In other news, Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day. It's the slightly furrier equivalent of Take Your Kids to Work Day, except with better behavior and fewer NDAs. Of course, I brought Zero, who was more than willing to spend the day eating treats and sniffing other dogs.

The first mutt-type activity was pet portraits, taken by professional pet photographers. Google paid for the photographers to come and for everyone to get digital copies of their pets' photos, but not for printed copies. Pay for something? Ourselves? The nerve!

You'll note the chicken strip, Zero's favorite treat, dangling above the camera. It was impressive how long he sat there, patiently staring down that chicken strip, until it was close enough to eat. The photographer's assistant even commented on how long he sat on the cushion stool thing. Clearly she wasn't aware that he's the Golden Dog.

You can safely assume that when the photos come later this week, they will be shared.

Next came a professional dog trainer, who told everyone what they were doing wrong. Once again, Zero shone as the only dog who already knew "down" and "off". Did I mention Golden Dog?

The final event of the day was Yappy Hour, with more doggy snacks and (finally) human snacks, served in the kitchen. Of course, Zero took the opportunity to poop next to the buffet. He was quickly demoted from Golden Dog to object in need of a good punt off the third-story balcony.

After his not-really-an-accident was cleaned up and we were far away from the contaminated area, I had to admit it was a bit amusing. For everyone else, I mean. Everyone knew that some dog was going to do that, and they were glad it wasn't their dog. At least he's too pathetic to be mad at for long.

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sugarandice said...

Awesome! Go Zero, go! :-)