20 December 2005


For the past week or so, the faucet in Matt's bathroom leaked unless you really pushed on the hot water knob. Earlier this evening, I attempted to turn off the water. I kept pushing on the hot knob, and eventually both the hot and cold knobs, trying to get the water to stop flowing. Then the cold water knob gave up all resistance and went past the stopping point, allowing it to rotate about 220 degrees, instead of 95. Normally that's not so bad, excect now water flows fairly heavily at the former off point. And for some bizarre reason, it's hot water. If you turn the cold knob on and leave the hot knob off, you still get comfortably warm water. Over three hours later, it is still leaking at a fairly high rate and both knobs are almost too hot to touch. Perhaps someone will answer the maintenance line tomorrow morning. Hopefully.

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