23 December 2005

I've Been Adjusted

As many of you know, the upper right region of my back has been hurting me for some time. The earliest I can remember it hurting was junior year of college, making it at least two years. Recently I was convinced to see a chiropractor about it, despite my being convinced that chiropractors aren't real doctors or even remotely useful, so I made an appointment for today. Things started off well, when I was 20 minutes late due to unexpected Christmas traffic. When I finally arrived, I went through an exam reminiscent of scoliosis checks in elementary school. My back was declared to have a very slight curvature, probably caused by the (second) time a Civic thought it would nice to rear end me. A few minutes later he performed an adjustment, which was an incredibly weird sensation. Theoretically, my back should stop hurting, or at least not hurt as much. As of now, it has barely bothered me at all tonight. I have a follow up appointment for this Tuesday, so we'll see what happens between now and then.


bigscary said...

Chiropracty is quackery. It claims that a life force runs through your spine and that ALL afflictions are caused by misalignment in the spine, and that all afflictions can therefore be cured by adjustments.

That said, chiropractic techniques can be quite useful for actual musculo-skeletal issues.

slackwench said...

My primary physician is a DO, not an MD. The only real difference is that they learn how to do spinal adjustments and such in school, whereas MD's don't. It's a really good compromise.

osmodion said...

He did say a lot of things that sounded, well, stupid. At one point he also gave me a book to read while he had to deal with something else for about 5 minutes. It had the creative title "Chiropractic Works" and was basically a book of miracle stories where everybodies' problems were solved through adjustments, then they suddenly got straight A's in school. However, as this is an actual musculo-skeletal issue, as opposed to a loss of vision, hearing, appetite, or ability to pay attention in school, I'm hoping it'll work.