02 May 2005

Grad School! Coming to a theater near you this fall!

I have officially accepted UCLA's offer.

There must be a better way for determining if you are a California resident for tution purposes. Most notably, they could just ask you, "Do you qualify as a resident for tuition pursposes?" If you say yes or maybe, then they can ask you 14 pages of questions about where you filed your income taxes. Otherwise, I should think that a simple no would suffice.


jeanslee said...

congrats kid. you will looooove LA, altho I can't say the same for myself.

Driving around LA was great tho. Oh yeah, you owe me 4 bucks. ;)

cagexxx said...

There's something I forgot to mention when you told me about this before, which I'm mentioning now in order to taunt you.

To prove my Florida residency for grad school, I had to check one box, sign my name once, and have my dad fax in a form.