25 May 2005

An Improved User Number

I've mentioned to a few people that once upon a time, I used to a have a livejournal account. Back when one person could pay for an account (Evan) and give two free accounts to friends (Estee and me). However, I couldn't remember the account name for the life of me, so I gave up and created a new one. Apparently my mom couldn't remember this account's username, which led to my discovery in the Firefox url dropdown: . Unfortunately, I'd have to pay $15 and not have everything work out quite right to combine the two accounts. Maybe if I ask nicely?


pennyfore said...

What if you just cut & paste them all here and screw with the date?

osmodion said...

Actually, I'd like to move everything on this account to the old one, and then change the name of the old account. All 7 entries from the old account aren't particularly interesting; being the dork that I am, I just want the low user number.