25 May 2005

Coming to Terms With a Huge Pile of Crap in the Living Room

The worst possible way to have spent the evening after commencement is not, in fact, packing. It is lying in bed, puking, knowing that come tomorrow, your father will have to finish packing for you. All my stuff made it home in one piece, though finding said pieces is turning out to be quite the challenge.

Normally I start sorting and putting away everything a day or two after I get home. However, I still don't feel well. I've used >1 box of tissues a day since Sunday. As much as I hate living in a disaster area, the thought of unpacking is almost as repulsive as the thought of eating normal portions of food again. Did I mention that one week of being sick resulted in me losing 11lbs? I didn't think that was possible, but my parent's scale claims I weigh 105lbs.

Any weight (okay, that wasn't funny, I admit), our trip to Atlantic City has been mostly cancelled. We were supposed to drive down yesterday, but that just wasn't going to work. We're probably going to head down for the day, tomorrow, assuming I have reached the minimum level of liveliness.

p-p-p-p-powerbook. For real this time; my parents are getting me one for graduation. After careful consideration, I have decided that I might as well order it now, rather than wait for the next update. All signs point to the next update being a faster G4, rather than a G5, due to the logistics of building a watercooled laptop. Also, the next update probably won't occur until at least the end of July, and possibly not until October (http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/). Since the order will not be placed for about a week, any further insight would be appreciated.

For reference, I am leaving for Los Angeles on June 2. I haven't heard back about jobs yet, but I assume it'll be much easier to find employment when I have a California address on applications.


slackwench said...

Powerbook suggestions:
*Don't bother with the superdrive. You've got a DVD burner in your desktop.
*OSX loves having at least a gig of ram. You'll see a marked performance increase up to that point. You'll see a little bit of one after that, but not much.
*Get Airport Extreme (duh)
*Get Applecare. I've sent my PowerBook in probably a dozen times for repairs. Apple has amazing service and support. The longest turnaround (sent it to got it back) for repairs on mine was 4 business days, I think.
*Get the biggest HD they have. It's a pain to upgrade this in laptops.

farniks said...

Backlit keyboard is a waste, unless it's already standard. I'm pretty sure my backlight is broken, and when it was working it was puny.

slackwench said...

Backlit keyboard isn't an option. It just comes with the 15" and 17" ones.