28 April 2005

No Cupcake for Me :-(

Today was my very last undergraduate class, which happened to be International Monetary Theory and Policy. Today's lecture happened to be abnormally interesting (most classes are fairly interesting, but today's happened to be a particularly good lecture on the European Union and the Euro). Anyway, it just dawned on me that I have no more classes as an undergrad. And despite how many boring Accounting and Finance lectures I skipped, I already miss them. Further proof that I'm not particularly ready to move on, despite how excited I may be at times. I've been putting off a long post along these lines, and 3dphoto => I'll have to continue putting it off.

Now back to texture mapping Colossus, while Rob eats a cupcake, WITH BLUE FROSTING, behind me. He also seems to like licking his banana, but that might have just been a temporary reaction to Amy's unspecific suggesting that he "Lick it!"

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