04 April 2005


My PlayStation 2 is officially a (door stop|paper weight) with a power button and a couple leds. Instead of reading disks, it now makes very loud grinding noises that remind me of a coffee grinder trying to eat whatever unfortunate disk might be within reach. I really don't feel like spending the $150 to replace it, but I'll probably do so by the end of the month. And I get to own one of the new slim ones, with a built in nic that I don't plan on using any time soon.

In other news, I was accepted to USC. Now I'm just waiting to hear from UCLA, preferably before Thursday. I haven't heard from Rutgers yet, either, but I also don't care since I have no intention of going there. Oh yeah, for those who I haven't told yet, I was accepted to Columbia 11 days after I submitted my application, 8 days after applications were due (which happened to be over Spring Break). Despite not wanting to attend, I am impressed with their sudden, unexplained speed.

My last two paychecks seemed to have ran away into the aether. Normally I'm very good about picking them up and depositing them, but one was issued over break and I kept forgetting to retrieve it until the second one was issued. Yesterday, when it wasn't raining, I was inspired to go deposit them. At some point they completely disappeared from my desk. Gone without a trace. I've already done a fairly thorough search of my room, but I'll try again when I get out of work in a few hours.

Speaking of money, after three hours of poker in Schapiro on Friday, I left with exactly one more dollar than I arrived with. I think that dollar was ultimately spent on Haagen-Dazs lemon sorbet.

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jeanslee said...

congrats! sounds like you'll have an exciting post-ugrad life in cali. you can play host when i visit you :D