27 April 2005

Why Are All the Senior Free Food Events During Passover?

(00:05:06) S K Arfin: i've eaten a box of tam tams
(00:05:16) osmodion77: only one?
(00:05:17) S K Arfin: and am currently finishing a second box
(00:05:20) osmodion77: you're just getting started
(00:05:27) osmodion77: in what time frame?
(00:05:29) S K Arfin: not to mention the third box i keep at home
(00:05:46) S K Arfin: the first box was a couple of days ago
(00:05:53) S K Arfin: this most recent box was last night and tonight
(00:05:53) osmodion77: that's nothing
(00:06:02) osmodion77: I will be more impressed if you do it in one day
(00:06:13) S K Arfin: it's 24 hours
(00:08:40) osmodion77: one sitting
(00:08:49) S K Arfin: i really don't want to do that
(00:10:36) osmodion77: I guess you don't want to be impressive then
(00:12:26) S K Arfin: you want me to impress you with my tam tam eating skills?
(00:13:58) osmodion77: yes
(00:23:06) S K Arfin: i must impress sharon by eating all the tam tams in the world
(00:25:26) osmodion77: yes!
(00:31:12) S K Arfin: and with this i shall win her heart!

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