24 September 2011

I'm on a boat

After the whole wedding thing, Matt and I drove down to San Diego to stow away on a cruise ship. Despite leaving from the rental car place over an hour late, we found ourselves at the dock with plenty of time to spare. So much time, in fact, that we dropped off our luggage at the dock, returned the rental car, and walked all the way from the rental car lot back to the dock.

Despite increasing Matt's increasing frustration, I insisted on taking pictures of everything. I even got a few nice shots of airplanes taking off and landing, as we were right next to San Diego Airport.

Since the boat only has a pathetic satellite internet connection for which I'm charged per minute, this is the only picture you will get for now:

             / /       /|
            / /       / |
<           \\          |
            \ \
             \ \

Upon arrival at the dock, we played a riveting game of wait in line. There was a line to get into the dock. A line to check passports. A line to go through security. A line to check in and get room keys. The last line wasn't bad at all, but that was because we, as the proud occupants of what is jokingly called a suite, were entitled to skip it.

Upon reaching our "suite", we met both our butler and maid while waiting for our luggage to be delivered. My suitcase was smart enough to arrive soon after we did, but Matt was forced to wait quite some time. In fact, his suitcase wasn't delivered until well after we left port. But delivered it was, and he did not go to dinner naked.

Nothing of particular interest occurred the first night, as we were both too tired to sufficiently care about whatever activities were offered.

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Is it as real as it gets?