26 May 2011

Monday with Morri

The past few months I've received dozens of cards, some flowers, and even a cookbook. I've tried to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and gifts, which really have done wonders to cheer me up. Even the cookbook made me feel loved, though the picture of food made me feel even more nauseated the day it came. Why am I mentioning this now? Well, this Monday a pink watering can with pink flowers arrived at the door. The card claimed the sender to be one Morri, and I have absolutely no idea who Morri is. Neither do my parents. Ergo, this will have do as my thank you. Thank you, mysterious Morri, for the pretty flowers that I have been staring at all week, as my happy narcotics kept me drifting in and out of consciousness.

I will post a picture when I have enough energy. Same for the pictures of my lack of hair, even though the intartubes failed to riot properly.

1 comment:

momdgp said...

Is Morri that neighbor who stopped her car to talk with me while I was walking Zero? I doubt it's the guy with the evil Toby.

Also, there is a morri...@google.com, maybe he/she/it sent it.